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"Manufacturing Output is up this Month""Experts predict Manufacturing Output to be down next Month". How many times have we heard or read these headlines. At times you begin to wonder who is right and who is wrong.

One thing for certain is that every day will begin and every day will end and it's what we  do in that period of the manufacturing day that will determine if we are doing it right or wrong. "Positive Mental Attitude" is the key to driving ahead with plans where one can expect to make progress or fall behind. For the saying is clear "Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail"

At WKW Precision Engineering, that plan is carried out by a dedicated Team and with the recent awarding of the Fit 4 Nuclear Status, the Company has now updated to the ISO2001:2015 Accreditation.

These qualifications are there to ensure that the Customer has the confidence to do business and be assured that his enquiry will be dealt with in a Professional manner. It also creates pride in the work by Employee's that their skills are recognised and Accredited together with being  "Made in Yorkshire" and "Made in Britain".

WKW Precision Engineering are now exporting to counties such as the U.S.A. Singapore, India, Norway, Poland & Nigeria. The Company has a firm commitment to Continuous Improvement and will continue to plan for the future ahead.